3 Easy Microjobs For Money In 2013

Microjobs – What Are They?

Microjobs are defined as a job that requires little time and effort to complete. In today’s economy with the price of gas, food and other necessities constantly increasing every last dollar that we can make becomes more important than ever.

Considering the unemployment rate and availability of jobs, have you ever thought why not MAKE the jobs for yourself rather than go out endlessly trying to find one? Microjobs affords you the chance to be creative with you mind and get paid to complete all kinds of tasks. These jobs can be done in person for family members, people that you know or even online. The online market is a huge opportunity for microjobs that you can specialize any niche and make money online in 2013.

Anyone is capable of fulfilling microjobs and making money. You may think it is difficult to find people willing to pay for these jobs to be done, however this is not the case. There are thousands if not millions of people/companies who are ready and willing to pay for tasks to be completed, which is how you can take advantage. Let’s take a look at some microjobs to give you an idea of the tasks you could be doing for money.

3 Examples Of Microjobs

1. Cleaning – You can clean just about anything, so offering this service to people is an easy way to make some extra money. You can offer car detailing and cleaning jobs, clean a room for somebody you know or for a business. Pull all of your sources together and target anyone/anyone possible to clean. The more people or companies you interact with, the more opportunities will become available to you.

2. Snow removal and/or lawn care – If you live up north where it snows every winter, this is a great opportunity to help people who want their snow removed. If you’re in the sunshine state, or towards the south then you can offer lawn cutting and care.

3. Microjobs To Make Money Online In 2013 – This section will focus on microjobs that are available to you via the Internet and online. There are such a variety of ways to complete tasks for people online. One website that I have personally used over the last year is Fiverr.com.

Working Online In 2013

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