3 SEO Concepts You Probably Didn’t Know

The goal for everybody who does SEO is the same: High Search Engine Ranking. How each webpage or individual reaches such success is different and requires patience, skill, awareness and dedication. The patience and dedication are two that you have to manage and can’t really control. On the other hand, the skill and awareness are in your complete control and once you learn these simple SEO tips and techniques you will see better results for ranking your sites.

SEO Concepts

1. The transition to mobile SEO – That’s right. With smartphones and tablets taking over the globe more people are accessing the Internet from their personal items. Desktop and laptop use is decreasing at an alarming rate. This means that you must make sure your websites are mobile friendly.

Google and other search engines are taking into account the mobilization of your websites to affect how high your search engine rankings are. See how you can make your websites efficient for mobile usage and find out more Mobile Marketing Trends.

2. SEO & Url – Search Engine Optimization starts and ends with your URL, otherwise known as domain name. The most powerful part of a website that is picked up by search engines is the domain (the words between the www. and the .com).

If you want to see better results and have success to attain high search engine ranking, pick out your top keyword and use your domain with that keyword. Your SEO url will be highly indicative to the true potential of your search engine ranking with that keyword so choose wisely.

The faster you can do this the better because as the Internet expands and grows it is becoming more saturated with demand for certain keywords constantly increasing. Create a website and use your favorite keyword before somebody else does because from my experience, that next person is not far away from taking the domain you want!

3. SEO & Social Media As Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and so on have become more popular, search engines actually take this into account. Social media shares can have a huge impact on a high search engine ranking.

Use these tips to build your search engine ranking and better your SEO skills. SEO is tedious work but if you give it some effort and time the results will be there. Master your skills, continue to SEO and don’t focus too much on results because it can take some time for your sites to start generating traffic. Webpages usually take anywhere from 6-12 months to truly flourish. Take a look below how you can utilization social media for your websites. Your can even purchase services directly or learn how to be effective using social media yourself.

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