5 Golden Rules Of Effective Copywriting

Copywriting is an essential part of online marketing. When done right, it can build awareness, communicate a message, and drive traffic to a website. Creating content for a website is one thing, but doing it effectively is a completely different craft on its own. So, how does one ensure that each copy published online will yield positive results? Well, all this depends on the strategy taken to create a compelling copy. Here are 5 golden rules of effective copywriting that will have a major impact on your online marketing efforts.

Grab the Reader’s Attention

If you want your content to gain recognition, be it on a blog, press release site or article directory, make sure that it can capture a reader’s attention on first glance. There are many ways to do this, but your titles make the first impression on readers. As such, make it a habit to create catchy headlines! It is estimated that out of every 10 people, 8 will read the headline of a written copy and only 2 will look at the content of the message. Therefore, keep in mind that your headlines play an important role in helping readers to decide whether to read on or ignore your writing altogether.

Address the Readers’ Problems

It is important to address the needs, problems, and interests of your target audience through content writing. This is another way of grabbing their attention. A consistent approach of always creating content that solves the problems of your readers will most likely keep them coming back.

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Sell the Benefits

Whether you are marketing a product or service, people always want to know what’s in it for them. As such, it is important to focus on the benefits and solutions that your prospective clients will get from what you have to offer. Most importantly, ensure that whatever promises you make are genuine. Many buyers will give bad reviews on a product or service that an enticing sales pitch but does not deliver. Keep that in mind when selling the benefits of your product or service through content marketing.

Build Credibility

One mistake that many marketers make is to over exaggerate the benefits of a product or service. Although they do this with the intension of attracting more buyers, not communicating the accurate message can do more harm than good. You must demonstrate to your readers that your message is believable. If there are some downsides that come with a particular product, let the readers know. Many buyers will try a product or service if the pros far outweigh the cons. Being honest also goes a long way in building credibility for any brand.

Create SEO Friendly Copies

Copywriting for the web is an art that has to take into account a website’s visibility on organic search results. Quite simply, if people do not know your website exists, it will be impossible to generate any sales. This is the reason why it is important to optimize your written copies with the best current SEO practices so that your content can rank highly on search engine results. This makes it easy for potential readers to find your content online, thus increasing web traffic that can translate into more sales.

This post was published by Scott Herron, a freelance copywriting consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you want to benefit from effective copywriting services, visit Scott’s website to learn more about the internet marketing services he offers.


  1. All of these five rules for copywriting were extremely helpful.

    To be honest, more people might use it for often times. Many websites pitch, but do not deliver, which usually makes the credibility of their website go down.

    If they will somehow learn the right approach and follow the points presented in this article, I guess they could perhaps make a website that drives more customers.

    All in all, this was a good article about copywriting. Thanks for sharing this post!

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