5 Ways I Use WordPress to Make Money Online

5 Ways I Use WordPress to Make Money Online

Learn how I use the free WordPress platform to make money online. Well I did have to buy “.com domain” for $1 from GoDaddy.com and get web hosting from HostGator.com for less than $4 dollars. WordPress is a website/blogging platform that make it easy for anyone to make a blog. This site your own right now is a WordPress site and was very easy to make. One can use and learn how to use WordPress and have tons of great Plugins you can install. Check out WordPress.com for a free demo on how it works. Sign up for HostGator.com and install wordpress with there 1 Click Auto Install for less than five dollars.

Lets get to talking about the 5 ways I use wordpress to make money online. Of course there’s hundreds of ways you can make money with your blog. I want to share the five ways I been most successful with and find the easiest to make money using wordpress.

Ad Networks To Make Money

Using Ad networks such as publishing ads on your blog is a great way to make some extra money. There are ton’s of company that are willing to pay to place ads on your own blog or website. I share a few good ones I use with you below.

Google Adsense – That’s right Google Adsense Program will pay you to put related Ads on your blog and pay you each time they are clicked. You don’t have to do no selling to get paid which is the best part about the program. You simply place Ads on your site and get paid per each click made. You can either add text or image ads and test which ones perform better. Usually depends on the niche and where you place the add on your site which ads will perform the best.

Media.net – Which is owned by Yahoo and Bing and just started a publishing network recently. I found to work very well and is a great alternative for Google Adsense if you don’t get approved. They pay great but one thing I don’t like about Media.net is that they only have text Ads and I like to have image ads as well. I find image ads work better in some places on your site rather than using a text Ad.

Infolinks – Is another great way to make money online by inserting in-text ads right in your content. This is not offered by Google Adsense or Media.net and heard it converts very well. I really don’t like using info links but see a lot of other people using it.

Amazon To Make Money

Join the Amazon Associate program and get paid directly by Amazon for promoting products on Amazon. I use Amazon because millions of people use Amazon everyday to buy things. It’s a well known website and is trusted by millions of people world wide. Each product you sell on Amazon through a affiliate link once you join you get paid a commission. The best part is the more you sell the more commission percentage you will make of products. I would recommend looking into the Amazon Associate Program.

Clickbank To Make Money

Clickbank.com is a great affiliate marketing website. Clickbank is where I first started making money back in 2009 when I was still learning how to make easy money from my blog. My main reason I like Clickbank is because of the commission percentage paid. You can earn anywhere from 50-75% commission on each sale you make. Clickbank mainly offers eBooks, software, and services to promote.

Make Money With Commission Junction

Cj.com is similar to Clickbank but offers more real products. You can become affiliates and make money with huge well known stores such as, Staples, Walmart, Woot.com, and the list goes on and on. I really like commission junction because the really products you can promote. You can make money selling anything through commission junction such vacation packages, plane tickets, and much more. They give you such a wide variety of what you can promote on your blog to make money. You just need to find the right niche for you to promote.

Salehoo.com & eBay

I always save the best for last. I’ve had a lot of success using Salehoo.com and eBay and still bringing me money each week. Salewhoo.com find you the best wholesalers and drop-shippers to get products at the best price to sell on eBay. Salewhoo is program that help you sell the best selling products on eBay and guide you on the best way going about it. The the Top and Power-Sellers you see on eBay are using a company like Salewhoo.com to get products at a cheaper price than the competition.

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