5 Ways You Can Earn Money By Writing Articles

how to earn money writing

If you’re looking to earn some extra money and enjoy writing then this is already a good place for you to be right now. Believe it or not people are making a full-time income from writing articles online. Writing articles is not for everyone simply because not everyone enjoys writing. For the people who do enjoy writing articles well…

What’s better than doing something you enjoy and earn money from writing articles?

Let’s learn a few places and ways on how to earn money from writing articles. Companies and website/blog owners are always looking for fresh articles. After all, websites thrive of fresh content on a regularly basis to compete with competitors.  This is where your articles writing passion can come into play and make you some money.

Use Fiverr To Earn Money From Writing

I would like to start with one of my most favorite websites called Fiverr.com. It’s also known as the largest online market place to deliver any service for $5.00. If used properly you can make A LOT of sales if you are loyal and dedicated to your customers. I personally know people who are making $1,000+ a week from Fiverr writing articles, reviews or eBooks.

It’s a good place to start if you’re looking to start earning money from writing right away. The key to Fiverr and making a lot of money is to make sure your customer is happy and the order is delivered on time. They are two crucial factors that can make you or break you on Fiverr.

You can sell articles starting at $5 all the way up to $40+ per article. I have wrote an article more in detail called “Make Money With Fiverr” I would read it for more on how it works.

Earn Money From Writing At Squidoo.com

I don’t even know where to start with Squidoo.com it’s just an amazing and very unique platform. It’s free to join and once you sign up you create things called “lenses” which is whatever you write about. It’s a HUGE community of thousands of people who enjoy writing and earning money.

You can make money a few different ways from Squidoo. You earn from ranking your articles against other articles within the community. More traffic, likes and comments increases your rank. You can add any product from eBay and Amazon to your lens and collect commission on everything that sells. It’s easy platform and makes it easy for people to make money.

Check it out for yourself at Squidoo.com what the hype is about.

HiredWriters.com – Take The Writing Test

I personally haven’t signed up for this site but have heard a lot good things about it. It’s free to sign up and work for them. Once you sign up you take a 10 minute test to see your skills by doing a few exercises to determine your writing level experience. You can get paid up to $20 per article once you are an established member. You’re writing experience does have an effect on how much you get paid. Article quality is the key to earning and getting returning customers.

They allow you to work as much as you want writing articles to earn money. You are not limited to what topics you write about. Also you can find jobs like article rewriting, proof reading and research.  Sign up and take the test and see what you can make happen at HiredWriters.com

Start Your Own Blog And Write To Earn Money Using Bluehost

Start your own blog about something you love or know a lot about. There is A LOT of money in blogging IF you can offer great content and information. Creating a Blog in fitness, finance, cooking, beauty, or anything in that matter has potential to make lot money.

When most people think about blogging they don’t think they can do it. It’s really not hard at all and I believe anyone can make a blog using WordPress. It’s a blogging platform where you pick a theme you like click the install and you’re done. Bluehost.com offers great blog hosting and works excellent with WordPress.

You can earn money from blogging tons of ways such as promoting affiliate products related to your blog niche. Using programs like Google Adsense and Media.net to place ads on your site and get paid for each time someone clicks them. I would recommend try blogging and you might get addicted like I am.

Get special offers and your own free YourBlogName.COM blog domain with BlueHost.com when you purchase their $4.00 web hosting plan. Web hosting is required to host a blog online and is very inexpensive.

GhostBloggers.com Sell / Buy Articles

Write and post your articles on GhostBloggers.com and sell them. The average price for an article on there is about $20. You can make more depending on the quality and length of words the article is.  There’s a lot of potential in this site if you post quality article for the right price.  Sign up free now @ GhostBloggers.com and share your experience with us by leaving a comment.

All in all, this is just a handful of ways to earn money writing articles. There’s hundreds of different other ways possible. Well… what you waiting for? Explore some of these sites and find what you enjoy the most of course.


  1. These are all great ways to earn money writing. I’ve used many of these sources to hire writers and they are legit. The only thing is you must be careful to find the right person who understands your vision and can put your idea on paper the way you imagine it. More people are looking for writers who really care about getting their ideas out there to the “T”. I would recommend if you were going to make money as a freelance writer out there, make sure your writing is unique, prompt, well researched, flowing and engaging, and most importantly, have great communication with your customer.

  2. Who has good writing skill, its means he/she can never sleep hungry Because this field has huge scope. On the freelance or Fiverr, there are maximum jobs available for writers. With this on the plate form of Fiverr or freelance, you can also sell out your articles or blogs because many buyers are also available there.

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