Advertising Trends 2013 – Are You Keeping Up?

Advertising trends in 2013 are starting to emerge as the future of business and marketing take a stance. Thinking of the “Millennial Generation” otherwise known as “Generation Y” we are the next upcoming wave of targeted marketing. We grew up with technology, smartphones, Internet & computers for our entire lives. As the Internet and technology continue to expand, look for companies to change their business models and their marketing tactics. I refer to this current and upcoming period of marketing as the Mobile Takeover starting in 2013.

Future Of Marketing 2013 & Beyond

1. More personal and targeted – Advertising will steer away from being interruptive like on videos & television shows. Newer mobile advertising tactics will be able to gather information from user’s personal smartphones, tablets, etc and use it for future advertising geared towards their interests. This brings up the idea of how private our lives will be looking into the future. Companies will have to gather personal information and rely on that data to use specific targeted ads.

2. Marketing departments disappear – As technology evolves I think a marketing team and departments will soon be obsolete. The reason for this is because advertising is going to stem more from data. This mobile takeover for advertising and marketing is going to continuously grow for the next decade. As it grows marketing teams are going to have to interpret data to target people. This is what the future of marketing entails, interpreting data from consumers personal devices. The traditional marketing strategies of utilizing events, radios, commercials, etc are going to soon be over.

3. Breaking barriers – Connecting with consumers on an emotional level is one of the most effective ways to make a sale or achieve a desired result. Doing this in person is kind of automatic because the consumer is face to face actually undergoing the experience of shopping. This may be hard to achieve electronically but I think with more data being processed about online consumers the more achievable this experience will be. There could be virtual shopping that you could see clothes right in front of you or even possibly test out games before they’re bought. Either way technology will allow for this breaking of barriers to reach customers directly via the Internet.

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