Assessing The Speed Of Your Websites To Increase Sales

The importance of your website speeds is crucial when it comes to people visiting your website. People HATE slow website and sitting around waiting for pages to load. Having a slow when can decrease your potential sales if people are just waiting around. Having a slow websites speed causes most people to hit the back button due to inpatients. Checking your website speed with sites like and see where your website lacks in speed is highly recommended. Increasing your site speed and minimizing the people from hitting the back button can lead to more sales.

site speed
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Caching your website is a must for everyone for increasing your site speed dramatically. What is caching? It’s temporally storing data and content in the memory for future use in simpler terms. So instead of someone coming to your website and downloading all the images, videos and content its pulling it from the memory which allow it to load much quicker then normal. This is recommended for all websites to improve load speed on your site. If you are using wordpress I would recommend W3 Super Cache. If your using another platform I would recommend searching YouTube on how to do this.

Optimizing Images to smaller files will also help boost your website speed. Yahoo has created a great tool called that works very well to decrease your image file size to help load faster for your visitors. uses techniques for imaging format to remove unnecessary bytes from image files. WordPress also has a plugin for this to make it easy to smush all your image files in your media library.

Depending on your website you can do many other things as well. I would recommend using the tool to see what you need to improve by checking the results. Then search how to fix your website problems using YouTube depending on the type of website you are running.

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