Blog Topics 2013 – Profitability & Monetization

So if you enjoy writing or have to write on a topic I’m sure you’ve come across at least once the dreaded topic of “Writer’s Block” or in this case we can call it “Blogger’s Block”. This is a normal experience for anyone that spend extended periods writing from freelance writers, authors, music artists, bloggers, etc. You no longer have to fear this topic because I will guide you how to overcome it. More specifically, we will be focusing on Blog Topics to help you avoid the very situation of running out of content to write about and how to monetize your content at the same time. How to bloggers make money?

Blog Topics 2013 – Profitability & Monetization

1. Choose Your Niche Wisely – Don’t just jump into any topic and start typing your life away. Do some research about what blog niche best fits your knowledge, or will lead to the highest profitability. Blog niches that involved marketing, money, and high price items like TVs, hotels, cars all will lead to high profitability.

The more expensive products that are involved with your blog, the higher the monetization usually is. Now there are many other factors that influence the profitability such as competition, your experience, content, etc. but choosing a blog niche that best fits you is the first start.

2. Blog Topics Use Your Knowledge – The most efficient and easiest way to start your own blog is based upon a topic that you already have vast knowledge about. Writing will come smoothly and most likely more accurate because of your information that you already know.

3. Avoiding “Blogger’s Block” – If you ever have trouble coming up with a blog topic or even content for your blog, here are a few tips that can help you come up with some ideas when you think you are out of them. First, try some quick research to get your mind geared. If you read a few sentences it could spawn some ideas for you to write about. Second, after reading a few sentences or even paragraphs, try to use some paraphrasing, or rewording some of the content. This will still create unique content and you can master anything just through rewording other material.

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