Bubblews Review: Make Money Online With Information

Bubblews ReviewBubblews Review

Bubblews is a community where writers like to share information by writing articles and posting them on Bubblews.com. By sharing your informative articles on Bubblews’ website you can make money online three different ways. I find it a quite addicting and use it for more than just making money online. Read more on how it works and see if it is something you could see yourself doing to make some extra money.

How does Bubblews.com Work?

By submitting an article you can get paid three different ways from them which I will list below…

Views – Each time someone views your article you get credited a penny. A penny might not seem like  a lot to you but when you submit an article once or twice a day after a few weeks it starts to add up fast. Bubble is in the top 2,000 websites in the world and millions of people are searching for articles. The more you have the more views and money you can make.

Comments – Each time a member from the community leaves a comment you will get paid another penny. Which I thought to myself well that sounds a little harder than getting a view. When I posted my first article I was surprised how many people from the community interact. It helps once you publish your article it show’s on the front page to thousands of people instantly. I think my first article I made $1.00 within the first 5 minutes of posting it.

Likes – Getting a “Like” from a member of the community will add another penny to your bankroll. I find for every 3 views I get I’m getting a “like” from my stats. I also found out writing quality and useful articles can draw a lot of likes as well. These can add up fast if you put some thought into your article.

Thinks you might want to know…

In order to cash out the money you made is to hit the $50 mark. Once you have hit the $50 cash out limit you will be able to collect your earnings right through PayPal.

All articles that you submit need to be 100% unique and not post anywhere else on the internet. Copy and pasting article is plagiarizing is not tolerated! As well you will get banned and not be able to collect earning. Write all the articles yourself!

I find being active by “liking” and commenting on other helps draw more attention which can lead to more earnings in your pocket. I like to submit 2-3 articles a day to keep my earnings growing more and more each day.

You can this opportunity a try at Bubblews.com and is completely free for everyone to join! I suggest checking it out and see if it could be something you are interested in doing to make money online in your spare time. Feel free to share my Bubblews Review and check out more Ways To Make Money.

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