Scam Or Legit?

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


If you’re looking for a well established and proven way to Make Money Online then is a perfect opportunity for you. I am here to give you proof that is a legit way to add some extra cash to your pockets. Let me show you all the ways that you can earn money with this company. Scam Or Legit?

Cashcrate is an online company that pays users a variety of different ways. I will admit, you probably won’t get rich using them but they definitely add some value to your income with minimal amount of work. We will cover the individual types of offers that you can earn from a variety of sources. If you take into account earning from 10 different ways through CashCrate it begins to add up to nice weekly paychecks. First you need to create an account and get signed up which I will show you the process below. Below is the platform after you’ve signed up and entered your account, Welcome. Scam Or Legit?

As you can see in the first row there are numerous tabs that are clickable, starting with “Offers”.

Offers: You may have to click the picture to zoom in, but notice the row that Starts with “Offers”.  All the way across, these are ways to Earn Money with Starting when you log in, you will always have current and active offers and the amount paid for each is indicated. I have never seen this space empty so there are ALWAYS offers that you can do to make money. You can scan through these offers daily and complete the ones that interest you. As you can see the offers range from less than a dollar up to $30 and up!

Surveys: Currently I have 9 surveys available to take all about $0.90. Surveys will always be available to complete on a daily basis. This adds another source of income from Between just Offers & Surveys you could make at least $25 per day.

Top Surveys: I love this tool because it shows ALL surveys throughout the entire nation that you could potentially complete and qualify for. Look below at the picture and as you can see I have 17 surveys currently available to earn over $40! Already through the first 3 options we could make about $60 today.

Is Legit?

Referrals: This tool perhaps gives your account the most potential to make the most money. If you refer people using your account then you earn a commission based on their earnings. You can attain different levels depending on the amount of people you refer. Below is a picture that shows the different level characteristics.

Is Legit?

As you can see the more Active Referrals you have, the more you make off their earnings. I would suggest reaching out to close family and friends with this cash opportunity offer to receive some initial referrals. After that you can use an open mind and creativity to find more people.

Videos: You can even earn watching advertisement videos. The rewards are credited into your account immediately upon watching them. This is an easy and simple way to earn however there usually are not as many offers as other categories. For example, right now I only have 1 offer to watch a video for rewards. Check them periodically because they are extremely simple to earn.

Bonus Surveys: This section offers extra surveys you can take that range from a few cents to a few dollars. Another great way to spend some time filling out a few questions to make some money.

Bonus Offers: This is the alpha male of all surveys and offers from This is where you can really make some money because these offers all range from a few dollars to as high as $50 for just a single survey! Take advantage of this section and check it daily for opportunities you don’t want to pass up.

Is Legit?

Cash Tasks: These are very simple tasks that pay you any amount usually less than a dollar. For example, you can earn $0.05 for searching on up to 5 times. This will earn you a quarter and only take a few seconds. Added to every other way to earn this can add up quickly.

Shopping: This section saves you a certain percentage off from any purchase you make from top retailers like Apple, Champs Sports Microsoft Store and many others. Shop around this section and if you make a purchase from the top retailers you can save anywhere from 2-10% cash back right into your account!

Proof Of Payment: This is the main factor when choosing any company to Earn Money with Online because you want to get paid. This is the deciding factor for me personally whenever I start with a new company, always make sure there are positive reviews about the cash out process and reliability. Cashcrate offers a convenient and easy to way to withdrawal your money, and they let you withdrawal once you reach a threshold of $20 in your account. That’s it, you make $20 and you can withdrawal it right into your bank account or via check.

Is Legit?

After showing you the different ways to earn Money Online with this company, and providing proof of payouts, and my experience with them over the previous few years I would highly suggest and recommend that is 100% absolutely in fact a legitimate way to Earn Money Online. They offer anybody and everybody an opportunity to make some extra cash in this tough economic environment. Don’t let this opportunity pass you as you would be passing out on Free Money! Thanks for reading and Good Luck.

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