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I’m sure you have heard of people making money from home online. I’m sure you have also heard of all the “get rich” schemes that are out there. Its hard to find legitimate ways to make money online when the internet if filled with these schemes. There are tons of great opportunities for the average person to make money from home but finding them can be tricky.

Let’s start off with affiliate marketing which is a easy way to make money from home. Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products and collect commission from the sale. There’s tons of great opportunities for people who are looking to become a affiliate. There’s some affiliate programs out there you can collect 5-10% commission selling real products or sell programs, software and eBooks and collect 50%-75% commission.

Photo By 401Calulator
Photo By 401 Calculator

Amazon Associate is a very legitimate way to make money online for people who are new and looking for the easier route. You can make money from home through selling other people’s products that are listed on Amazon. Making a free blog from or and writing reviews on products is a good way to start. You can selling anything you want from the Amazon site and make a small percentage of the sale. You can make anywhere from 4%-10% with Amazon Associate for each sale you make. When you sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program you get a special link for the items you want to sale and that’s how you get credited for the sales you make.

Amazon is a well trusted and known website, as well one of the most popular websites in the world. So it has it perks and make it easy to make sales if you are new to affiliate marketing. I’ve been into affiliate marketing for a few years now and had a lot of great success with Amazon. But I did get tired of the low commission rates you make. You have to sell a lot of products to make a good income. Although, Amazon does have the best conversion rates and make more sales than any other affiliate programs. There is other legitimate ways to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Let me introduce you to which is one of the world’s largest digital empire. Which allows you to sell other people’s software, services and eBooks and collect anywhere from %50-%75 commission. I have had huge success with Clickbank promoting other people’s products. Clickbank is well known for selling and buy digital products as well for affiliate marketers.

Learn how George Brown became the youngest self made millionaire affiliate marketer at the age of 20. His products show you take the proper steps in affiliate marketing. This works great with Clickbank and has helped me every step and has brought me to where I am today, Check out and you can start as little as $1 dollar. He shows you the exact system he uses to make thousands each day. Of course you will not make thousands like this professional affiliate marketer but you could be making hundreds each day if you put in the work and follow his guide.

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