Great Ways To Make Money From Hobbies

The internet is full of fun ways to make money. Anyone can make money online if they really want to. You just need to actually put in some time and be patient. Making money online can be difficult and can take time to see results. The internet is filled with millions of websites and blogs and takes time to build your way up. One great and fun way to make money is to start a free blog at and write about hobbies or a hobby you enjoy. Build a name for yourself with your blog and start up a Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites that evolve around your hobby topic.

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Using hobbies is a great way to make money and can be easy if you know the hobby inside and out. Share information, tips, tricks and products will draw people with the same interest as your blog. Say you like to “golf” and your really good at it. Make a blog about golf and make blog post daily about interesting things about golf. Share tutorials on how to become a good golfer and share tips to help people. People like these kind of things and searching for blogs for help on every kind of hobby. I’m just using golf as an example to help you understand more. You can even make videos and upload them to your blog as well for people to watch.

How To Make Money From Your Hobby Blog

Sharing your hobbies to make money can be done many different ways. Let’s say your blog is about golfing and you want to make money with it, I’m going to show you how that will be possible. There’s tons of affiliate programs that have tons of golf supplies, eBooks, clubs, golf balls and everything else. Using Amazon Affiliate Program would be ideal place to start. You can make a free account with Amazon Associates and promote any product that’s on Amazon and make a percentage of the sale. Here’s an example to the below of a product on Amazon with my affiliate link in it. If someone clicked that and bought the item even know I personally don’t own it I would make a commission. This is all controlled by Amazon and you can keep track of all your sales and clicks people make. Check out Amazon Associate Program here –

If you notice when you click the Amazon Product below they link looks like “”  This is what Amazon does to track each affiliate account to they can credit them the sale. Also you can check your stats on what product links were clicked and sold from inside the affiliate member page which is 100% completely free, thanks to amazon.

Using is another great way to make money from your hobbies. Sell other people’s eBook and make 50%-75% commission of each eBook you sell. On average you can make $15-$30 dollars per sales. It’s not very hard to make sales if you have a hobby niche and have people coming to your golf site. That traffic is targets and people are interested in buying these kind of items. That’s why they are coming to your blog to learn. Selling other people’s products is know as Affiliate Marketing. It’s a great way to make fun money doing something you like. Clickbank is free for everyone to join and start making money from the world’s largest digital empire. Here’s a example of a Clickbank product on golf below. If you clicked that and bought the product banner below I would get paid straight to my bank account each week like a regular paycheck.

Hobbies To Make Money
Fun Ways To Make Money

You can also make money from your hobby blog with Ads. There are ton’s of Ad networks out there that will pay you to put simple Ads on your site. Each time the Ad gets click you will get paid for it. Some great Ad networks are,, and hundreds more. Depending the niche of you hobby you can get paid any where from 10 cents a click up to $7 dollars just from someone click a Ad on your site. I’m sure you see Ads on every site you go onto online now a days and every site is getting paid for them Ads they have.

If your interested in becoming a affiliate market and start a blog to make money I would just out this Affiliate marketing site –

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