How Do Bloggers Make Money From Their Blogs

How Do Bloggers Make Money

People are blogging and making new blogs every day. The internet is jammed with millions and millions of blogs and most of them are making little to nothing. Why? most of them don’t know what they are doing or don’t add good enough content to there site.

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When it comes to blogging and making money you need to offer QUALITY content that enlightens your blog readers. Sharing information that has no good insight does you and your blog no good. Remember to always have something worthwhile to share with your visitors. Also be sure to add new unique and interesting content frequently to keep bringing your visitors back. Bore them and they wont come back again.

Build a relationship between you and visitors. Tell them about you share a little about your life and why you made this blog and how it’s unique from others. Blogging and making money is about building trust between your visitors and you. Sharing information that is useful to them will draw them to come back over and over again. You want to build a foundation for your blog before you think about making money.

So how do bloggers make money? Well, after you have built a foundation and posted some great useful content on your blog you can start monetizing it to make money. There’s hundreds of ways how blogs make money but here’s some ideal places to start.

How Do Bloggers Make Money – My List

Google Adsense

Using Google Adsense is a great example how blogs make money. The key to Google Adsense is have outstanding content that’s relevant to your site and update with new unique content often. It’s easy for new bloggers to make money with and is fairly easy to get started. Learn more about the basics here. Ads is very similar to Google Adsense but instead of going through Google, Yahoo and Bing Partnered up and made a similar Ad network. I find it just as good as Adsense and is a great alternative as well. Try them both out and see which one brings better results for you (can vary depending on the niche of blog). For more information visit here

Affiliate Marketing

How do blogs make money from affiliate marketing? Well they find affiliate programs that fits well with there blog niche and find products their visitors will potentially want to buy. Being a affiliate you are given a unique link that tracks all your clicks and sales. If someone buys a product through your unique link you make a commission from the sale. Affiliate marketing is a popular and well known way on how blogs make money. Here’s a few great affiliate sites I really like to use.


New to affiliate marketing? Learn everything you need to know with It’s FREE to Join. They have 100+ videos to help you start affiliate marketing and everything you need to know. Get affiliate marketing tips from the professionals.

Private Advertising

Once you have built a strong blog foundation with ton’s of great articles filled with amazing and unique content place private Ads on your blog. Reach out to other bloggers and website owners and offer them a place to put there their Ad on your blog. Charge them a small fee each month. You want to find similar blogs and websites as like yours when doing this. Contact similar blogs owners and ask them if they would like a Ad on your blog for a X amount of dollars. How much you charge depends on varies information such as how popular your blog is, what niche it is, how many visitors your getting and so on.

How Do Bloggers Make Money With eBooks

Well there is two amazing ways you can make money with eBooks. eBooks are digital books you buy and can download instantly and off the internet. Selling eBooks is a great way to make money for bloggers. Whether you want to create your own eBook or sell someone else’s eBook and collect commission. You can also buy eBook with “Reseller Rights” and sell the same book you bought over and over again and keep 100% of the profit.  You can eBooks you can sell and keep 100% of them commission that will go straight into your pocket. You can find eBook to sell at

For more ways how blogs make money explore my Ways To Make Money online website.

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