How To Attract Customers

One of the most effective ways to find customers is by receiving positive referrals from existing customers. When you offer a good product, service, or information then word of mouth spreads fast. This article will focus on how to get people talking about your products and saying positive stuff. Referral to friends and family is one of the best marketing tools you can use even  online. Starting with the first customer who accesses your product, you have to learn how to get customer testimonials.

Attracting More Customers 101

Customer testimonials have a major impact on another person just surfing around on your site. When considering the purchase of a product, people love to read what others are saying about it. A good customer testimonial can lead to even more sales and higher conversion rates for selling. When I think of a positive customer testimonial I think of a gold mine that will generate more sales. 

1. Simply ask for them. Leave a section of your website for people to leave remarks and reviews about a certain product they may have purchased from you. Let them speak their mind so they can voice their experience about dealing with you.

2. Be honest. If you’re honest about your product from the very beginning it is proven that customers are more satisfied with their experience. This mounts on a whole topic of trust which is absolutely necessary when portraying a message to your readers. This is one of the most effective ways to find customers because of the feeling of mutual trust that you’re truly helping them.

3. Offer a good product. You wouldn’t want to offer salt to a slug right? Your reader will be more satisfied if you correctly target your audience. If the product or information that you’re selling to your audience is actually legit and helpful then you will get customer testimonials from a honest and happy consumer. Keep in mind that you can still get negative reviews if you have one bad cookie out of a bunch. However, if you repeatedly are receiving negative reviews then take a look why. Often the public and people will give you the best insight if you are successful or if you should change something.

4. Last and not least, probably the most important is Social Media. Social media is basically a testimonial within itself because it is feedback from the customer directly from their mouth (or fingers in this case). There are so many ways to get paid with social media and first hand reader experience cannot be replaced. They offer a primary point of view and others are likely to take them for their word.

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