How To Diversify Your Website’s Income

So you own a website, or a blog and you’re wondering what the next step is so that you can generate some income from your site. There are many different wants to earn money with your website. One aspect you have to understand is if you’re running your website from a blogging platform, like Blogger or Wix, or if you own the domain.

Owning your own domain will give you the most potential and most control over your website and I would highly recommend going this route. I’ve used blogger before and when I was generating an income and everything was okay, they shut my website down with no reasoning behind it. I would suggest avoiding the possibility of this happening and owning your own domain which you can purchase for just $1.00 from GoDaddy.

Diversify Your Website’s Income – Multiple Streams

Once you’ve got your website up and running, the next step is to establish streams of income for your site.

1. Ad Publishing – The two highest paying ad publishing sites are (owned and operated by Yahoo/Bing) and Google AdSense. Each of these will give you ads to place on your site and anytime someone clicks you will get paid based on the value of the specific keyword.

2. Selling eBooks – eBooks are a great way to add revenue to your site. The eBook market is continuing to grow and unprecedented rates. You can learn How  To Resell An eBook Here if you’re interested in adding the revenue to your site.

3. Advertising – Your website is an open canvas. Once you establish your site, you can offer advertising blocks anywhere on your site. You can change the price of your ad spots depending on different factors such as how many visits your site is getting per day, your niche, the value of your site, and many more to add to your website income.

4. Affiliate Marketing – This is an effective way to establish your website income. You can use Online Paid Survey sites to obtain referrals and earn a commission from them. You can also use a website called Clickbank which offers products that you can sell to earn a commission, like Legit Online Jobs. Search around because there are many different affiliate companies willing to pay you a commission on items you sell from your site, or for obtaining referrals.

These are just 4 ways that you can start earning an income through your website. These are the most basic ways of generating money and the more experience you have the more you will be able to earn. Always keep an open mind when trying new sources of income. You can use trial and error when testing which sources of income will be most successful. If you have any questions about diversifying your website’s income or starting a website please leave a comment. Thanks for visiting Ways To Make Money Working Online.

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