How to Increase Your Affiliate Sales

increase affiliate marketing sales
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Affiliate marketing can be one of the most popular and successful way to make money online. If done properly you can make a living from it over a period of time. It takes time and patience just like any other business. You need to treat affiliate marketing as like a business if you want to succeed. It’s by far not as easy as people make it sounds, I can promise you that.

I found some great methods that haven’t work very well for me and decided to share some of them with you. The steps I follow are pretty much a rinse and repeat cycle and find what works best.

Create a blog or website – Having your own website and domain is a must for all affiliate marketers. In order to become successful in the affiliate marketing world you’re going to need a blog or website.

I prefer for web hosting to host my blogs online. I would also recommend WordPress which the best blogging platform on the internet. WordPress is free but does cost $4 a month for web hosting to host it online. does have a 1-click WordPress auto install which makes it easy for you to have your blog up in running within minutes!

You can use your blog to promote affiliate banners, start an emailing list and hundreds of different ways. Your main focus when blogging is to update it constantly with articles relevant with your affiliate products and build nature organic traffic from search engines.

Article marketing for sales – I have been always a fan of articles marketing also with success I would say. I like writing article and adding them article directory sites linking back to my WordPress site where I have my affiliate links. You get more exposure and more incoming links to your website which help your blog get found easier in search engines.  It’s like killing two birds in one stone.

There are hundreds of article directories you can submit to for free but you want to make sure they are “do follow” article directories. You can find them by search Google “do follow article directories” and thousands of them will appear.

Writing reviews on products –Writing product reviews about the product you are promoting is a great tactic. Of course this is where you would perk from having a blog you can write all the reviews you want. Share your reviews to people and be honest about them after all you do want to build trust between you and your audience.  Building trust and having a reputation can take you a long ways.

After writing your reviews share them on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on. The more you share your reviews the more people see it and can become a potential sale. When you are not writing content you need to be promoting your content anyway you can.

Building an email list – Building a list and capturing people email is by far one of the best and most used methods in affiliate marketing. Offer a free book and have them sign up to a newsletter to your blog. This way when you right a new review you can share it instantly to them through email. I would recommend which is what I use. It’s well worth it if you are getting enough people to your website.

Pay for advertising – Paying for traffic to your site works well cause you can pick your audience. Using sites like Bing Ads or Google Adwords to promote you site has a very high conversion rate. Sign up with and they give $100 free Google Adsense credit and $50 Bing Ad credits. Let’s see which all they money you can get over 1,000+ very target visitors that are interested in buying.

Trying to increase your affiliate sales can be tricky especially depending on your niche. All niches are different when it comes down to marketing them. You can to try different methods until you find the one that works for you. Keep track of where your visitors are coming from and see what methods work best. Learn how to improve them methods and draw even more traffic to your website.

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  1. All the points are very important for affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing such article.

    But I want to learn something more from you. How can I write a review of a product which I never use???

    Please discuss this topic because as an affiliate marketer I will promote many products at a time.

  2. Ótimo conteúdo para afiliados, devo admitir que é uma dúvida bem comum entre todos os afiliados saber como aumentar as vendas e crescer o proprio negócio digital, adorei seu texto e espero por mais deste tipo pois além de me ajudar tambbém pode ajudar outras pessoas!

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