How To Make Money On Craigslist Reselling Freebies

How To Make Money On Craigslist Reselling Freebies

Make Money On Craiglist
Making Money On Craigslist

I’m sure you have heard of Craigslist or more than likely have bought or sold something from there as well. But have you ever took advantage of the “Free” section? I would recommend checking it out each day and see what has been listed. This is excellent for making money on Craigslist. Believe it or not people are wanting to just give rid of things by placing them on craigslist in the free section. It’s easier for people to give items away and have people come to them instead of selling or donating them. It’s not difficult to sell a item when you get it for free because whatever you sell it for it’s pure profit.

Finding Free Items on Craigslist to Resell – Making Money On Craigslist

You can simply find free things at Once you go to their website you pick your state and area that’s closest to. For me I would pick New York and then choose the city I live in or closest to me. Sometimes I look at other cities that are semi close for big selling items that would be worth the extra drive. Once you have found the county that your close to, look under that Sale category and you will see “free”. All these items posted by other people locally are free and is first come first server usually. It’s important to watch it regularly so you don’t miss out on good items.

I live in a fairly small town with a small population and I still find some great free items for making money on Craigslist that include:

  • A basketball hop
  • A hot tub
  • A Grill
  • A picnic table
  • Free drywall
  • A computer desk with chair (like new)
  • A furniture set
  • A deep freezer (still works)
  • A craftsman push mower

How to Sell Your Freebies To Make Money From Craigslist

Some ways you can sell your free items that you have got from Craigslist. You can relist the items on Craigslist and try to resell it that way, which I seen people do over and over. Most people who give away free stuff just need to get rid of because of something that has come up and just need to get rid of it quickly. If you take your time and relist these items on craigslist you will find someone to buy it for the right price.

If you collect a lot of items which I also have seen people do, I would recommend having a rummage sale. Reselling items you get for free on craigslist to make money has been a proven to work for thousands of people. I recently read article about someone who was buy and reselling items from Craigslist and was profiting $700+ week. He was also buying cheaper items as well such as a dish washer that he purchased for 30 dollars then turned around and sold it for $150. This is possible you just need to watch for the items that people are to give away for free.

Hope you enjoyed this how to make money on craigslist and gave you some ideas. The hardest thing about doing this is being the first person to get the free item. You need to be on top of your game and contact the person quickly. Sometime people put there address and just leave it on the side of the road. You need to be fast and take advantage of this free stuff and you can make money from Craigslist very easily with just getting free stuff.

How To Make Money On Craigslist Tips

Using multiple sources to sell your free items is always a help to sell them faster for money quickly. I suggest Craigslist but there’s other places I’m sure locally you can sell them as well. You can try other similar sites that are smaller like Craigslist or even try to sell them on eBay if you need to. Like say you get a free washer that doesn’t work you can always take it to a scrapping place and collect the money for scrap dealers. Collecting broke equipment that has metal is a great way to make money on craigslist. Who wants broke stuff? I do! I will scrap it for money, heck why not. I never say no to free money.

If your free items are start to build up a great way to get rid of them fast and make quick money is to have a rummage sale. Rummage sales are popular every where and works for well getting rid of items that you can’t sell relisting on Craigslist or other places you have tired. Making money on Craigslist by having rummage sales work great if you have the time to have one.

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