How To Make Money With LinkShare Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a common way for most people to make money online. I use affiliate marketing across my small network of websites and blogs to make money using LinkShare. The majority of my money I make online comes from affiliate programs such as LinkShare. It’s a great website with tons of appealing features to make money easier for people.

To become a publisher an start making money with LinkShare you will need to sign up and get your website approved. Once your site gets approved you can search around for different advertisers you can promote. Promoting the advertisers you pick you can make money from each product you recommend to people and sell. You can find everything from Wal-Mart to Macy’s to Starbucks to AT&T and much more! If your looking to increase or start an online revenue I would suggest trying LinkShare affiliate program for free. Why not? You have nothing to lose…

Make Money With LinkshareLinkShare Affiliate Program Details

Once you get accepted in the LinkShare affiliate network and your site is accepted you will need to apply to individual advertiser. Choosing advertisers that fits your website niche increases your chances of getting approved. Once you apply they will send you a email of your application status. Most websites usually get approved unless they are full or spam and bad content. For most people this is not a problem and easily get approved.

LinkShare has hundreds of advertisers in multiple categories to ensure you will find an advertise that will accept you. LinkShare also has something called a “open” programs which means some advertiser will automatically accept you without even reviewing your website. This is one main reason why people including me use LinkShare. As long as your accept to the Linkshare Affiliate Network you will get accepted by the advertiser, no question asked.

When getting paid you can set your threshold as low as $1.00 and will be sent by check. Once you receive your first check and deposit it, you will be allowed to start using their direct deposit feature. It’s nice to just have the money deposited in your bank account instead of waiting for the check to come then going to cash it.

LinkShare also has a great referral system for current members. Each time you get someone to sign up under you and receives a click within their first 30 days you will make $1.50 from it. Referring people is a great feature and most people don’t take advantage of this perk they offer. You can make hundreds of dollars each much just by referring people to try LinkShare for free.

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