How To Monetize Your Websites

If you own a website or have considered starting one, the process is much simpler than you may think. Learning How To Monetize Your Websites is a characteristic trait that can change your financial future and help you to start bringing in wads of cash. However, the time and effort is required to make yourself as successful as you want to be. Monetizing your websites come with experience and knowledge but I am here to help you skip through all of the ridiculous claims and put you on the right track to start earning money with your sites today.

How To Monetize Your Websites

1. Affiliate Links – You can offer to sell specific affiliate products and this is a great way to monetize your websites. You first need to sign up for an affiliate account and once you’re approved you will be able to sell that companies specific products and you earn a commission from each sale. A few that you may of heard of already include Amazon Affiliates, Clickbank, and Commission Junction. Take a look around their websites and see if you’re interested in selling any of their products.

2. Social Media – This topic you should be very familiar with as some of the most popular websites in the world are of social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Continue to build and grow your accounts, with the ultimate goal of your information reaching as many people and getting shared as many times as possible.

3. Ad Publishing – If you’re familiar with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising then you can get paid when people click on ads. Companies like Google & Yahoo can place ads on your sites that pay you anytime they get a click. You can sign up from Google or which are the top two paying PPC companies that you can earn money with.

4. Banner Advertising – You can offer banner position throughout your website to earn money with your website. If you find the right potential clients, they will pay you to place a banner on your site in specific spots. You can charge different amounts for different placements and depending on the traffic your site is getting you can earn large amounts of money daily, weekly even monthly via banner placements. Potential customers are willing to pay top dollars for banner placements on websites.

5. Referral Programs – These are a great way to earn some extra money. You can offer many different referral programs where readers can sign up under your link that you post throughout your websites. When they earn money, you earn commission for referring them. For example, offers a $5.00 sign up bonus. You can use this site to offer the bonus to your readers, and once they sign up you can earn commission. Take a look at the link above, and some links below for many different referral programs that give you a great opportunity to monetize your websites. | | | |

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