How To Optimize Product View And Increase Conversion Rates

What is the best way to increase e-commerce conversion rates? The simplest answer is to make your offer more competitive and more attractive than what your competition has to offer. Online retailers, who are pursuing this goal often forget about the most important basics – customers are more eager to buy from those retailers, who are able to present their offer in an engaging, fun and informative way. If you want to increase your e-commerce conversion rates start from evaluating your product page design and check what you can improve on.

1. Clear page layout

Imagine that the product page is the first thing your customer sees – a highly probable situation, since most customers find online stores through online search for specific products. Does the product page provide your customers with an easy access to your contact info, return policy, comparisons with similar products in your offer? Is the “Buy” button conveniently located and noticeable right away? Do you provide your customers with upfront information about shipping options and costs? The more your customers have to click and browse, trying to find the basic information, the more probable is that they will lose interest in your offer and leave your store.

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2. Easy to read product descriptions

A great product description is difficult to find. Most retailers commit the same mistake and keep their product descriptions short and very technical. Customers are often interested in learning more about the product than the basic description provides. Ideally your product description should include information, such as: why this product is better than other similar items in your offer, comparison options for all products in your offer, information regarding product specifications, use and maintenance. Remember about the layout – add subheadings and mark the most important information.

3. High quality images

One picture is worth thousand words and indeed product images allow your customers to better understand how the product looks like in real life. All your product images should be high quality – no blurry photos! – and present the product at different angles, drawing the customers attention to interesting details.

4. Product videos

YouTube clips accompanying the product description and images are great solution for all clients, who want to learn more about the product. Videos are perfect for showing the product in use, allowing the customers to learn more about how they can apply the product. Video reviews provide you also with an opportunity to list out all benefits of your product.

5. Customer reviews

The best online retailers know that to build trust and offer all customers a few different perspectives on the product they need to provide them with an opportunity to rate the product and create a personal review. Ask your customers for post-purchase opinion and allow them to freely discuss your products.

6. Stay unique

Last, but not least, try to fight the urge to copy from “the best” retailers. The biggest online stores do not always have the best product website design. In contrast, you can make your offer more interesting if you manage to provide what your competition is lacking.

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