How to Start Site Flipping To Make Money

flipping sites to make moneyHow to Flip Websites for Profit

Flipping websites is one of the most common and profitable ways to make money online; website flipping is not a new business, and it’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme, but with a bit of hard work and business savvy many Internet Entrepreneurs have built solid and lucrative ventures out of flipping sites.

Flipping websites for profit is a little bit like buying and selling real estate; when flipping houses, many people buy what is called a ‘fixer-upper- or a property that needs some work to bring it up to par and make it appealing to buyers.

Often this involves some renovations, sometimes structural and sometimes just cosmetic, but once the property has been made beautiful it goes on the market to be sold, often netting a tidy profit for the seller.

Website flipping works this way to a certain extent; from finding the site to making it sellable, finding a buyer and collecting your profit, domains are in many ways like Internet properties and viewing the process this way can be useful.

We’ve put together a list of 8 steps you should take to flip websites for profit:

Find a Niche

Finding a niche you’d like to work in is important; from sourcing images to writing content and really getting into the creative process of making the site the best it can be, finding a niche you’re passionate about will make your job far more enjoyable.

Choose a Domain Name

When buying a domain name there are a few things to remember; first of all, be sure to choose a name that contains highly searched keywords within your niche, and be sure to choose a name that’s as simple as possible, staying away from dashes and underscores and otherwise complicated names. Get a free domain!

Make it as easy as you can for potential conversions to source and find your site and you’ll make far more profit in the end.

Buy Hosting

Choose a reasonable hosting package and set up your domain; to start you may not need much hosting but as traffic grows on the site it will be good to have a decent package. I highly suggest $4 web hosting and FREE domain!

Install WordPress

Choosing and installing an appropriate WordPress site is your next step, and while it may be tempting to grab a cheap, so-so theme, keep in mind that the more aesthetically pleasing your site looks, the more likely you are to fetch a good price for it; find a theme that both has all the functionality the site needs and looks stunning besides. Has a 1-Click WordPress Auto Install!

Set Up Google AdSense or Affiliate Links

Setting up the site to earn money is the next vital step, and Google AdSense and any related affiliate links are important; if there are any other opportunities that you’re aware of you can add them as well but be sure they’re directly applicable to the concept of the site.

Develop Content

Start developing quality content so you’ll have a great site to start driving traffic to! Content is king so make sure your content is uni filled with outstanding information.

Start SEO and Social Media Marketing

Be sure your site is configured or optimal SEO and set up and start using social media accounts that are relevant to your niche; showing a prospective buyer that you’re able to drive traffic this way will increase your chances of profit.

Start Driving Traffic and Make a Sale!

Once you start driving traffic to the site and turning a profit, you can seek a buyer! Obviously the more successful the site, the higher the price you’ll get but once the domain is set up with a high quality product, affiliate links and traffic, the sky’s the limit!

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