iPhone Repairs – Make Money Easy & Fast

iPhone Repairs are a unique and easy way to add some extra money to your pocket. I’m sure you know someone who has said this before “Ah my iPhone screen is broke, I need a new phone!”. They end up contacting Apple and paying almost full price for the phone just because of a broken screen. Here is your chance to learn how to fix iPhones for your friends, family or even create a small business opportunity for yourself.

Repairing iPhones For Extra Cash How To

So like myself, you may be wondering how in the heck would I start fixing iPhones when I don’t even know how they work. Well, truth be told it is much easier than you may think. The number one problem with iPhones is a broken or cracked screen. This can be easily overcome in about 20 steps in a follow along guide.

These guides are available all over the Internet. The place that I found guides to be most useful are from Youtube because they break it down step by step for you to follow along.

Search for “Fix iPhones Guides” and there are many that will come up in search results. It is up to you to find clients that are willing to hand their phone over to you for fixing. There are a few key points I want you to keep in mind when starting iPhone Repairs before you jump right into it:

  • This takes practice. Do not use someone else’s phone and start right away fixing their screen because if you mess up there is no turning back. Try on your own phone, or someone’s that you know well just in case you are not successful the first couple times.
  • Patience is a virtue. You cannot fix the iPhone within 10 minutes. The more you fix them the faster you will become but the first time make sure to take it slowly and do not miss any steps.
  • The hardest part is finding clients. However, using creativity and hard work you will be able to easily overcome this and have people ringing your phone everyday to get their iPhones fixed. Talk to friends and family, use Craigslist and other website referral pages and you will not have a problem finding people who need their iPhones fixed.

Good luck on your way to making some extra money! Find out more Ways To Make Money.

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