Review: How To Earn Money Blog Commenting Review: The Best Way To Generate Income Blog Commenting

I’m here once again with another money making method. Certainly this is simply not just a way to earn money online but it truly is much more. I have used this method personally and earn a good amount within a week therefore I strongly recommend that you give this site a trial.

Will probably be puzzled as to what I’m sharing, anyway let’s not waste anytime further. The website I’m referring to is

What exactly is is a well known Internet marketing social website for bloggers, internet marketers, website owners as well as anyone linked to internet and technology.

It is mainly a four (4) in one (1) social bookmarking site, which include:

An IM Content/News website

An IM Social Media Website

An IM Service/Software/Product Website

An IM Social Bookmarking Website

Members can share their blog contents or any post/ content from all over the web. The members can King (Like) the shares and the best shares remains on the home (front) page.

Benefits of using

Because it’s a well known website with lots of active registered members it offers the users a variety of advantages.

It helps members to generate more traffic (visitors) to their website and blog.

It helps in building an outstanding credibility in the blogging/IM world.

It helps enhance blog comments.

It contributes to improvement in Search engine results along with other ranks websites like ALEXA and so on.

You could Earn 10$ every day through it.

I decided to make the last point bold simply because that’s the point owing to which you are still attracted to this post.

Earn An Income On a daily basis By Commenting.

Kingged initiated this freebie on February 1st and they have doled out over $1000+. Sure, this could appearance unusual but it is actually true. gives away FREE money every single day to the best and the top commenter.

All you have got to do is drop your comments on any post shared on Kingged. There are many posts or articles shared on a daily basis. Ensure that you your comments are of good quality.

Please note: This giveaway will run for as long as possible without particular end date.

There are four winners to emerge daily in the Cash Giveaway

1st Prize of 10$ goes to the top commenter of the day (User with Highest Comments)

2nd Prize of 5$ goes to the 2nd top commenter of the day

3rd Prize of 5$ goes to any Random Comment

4th Prize of 5$ is for the Most Respected Commenter of the day dole out 20$ everyday with this, you possibly can earn a maximum of about $70 weekly by simply commenting. Normally the top commenter win with roughly 30-40 comments and this shouldn’t be a difficult task for people who are truly prepared to earn some cool money. The money earned will be sent to your PayPal account every Monday of the week.

Some Vital Points To Note 

Because it’s quite huge giveaway the admin at Kingged (Kingsley) ensures every single thing works on course. Therefore there are few rules to adhere before starting out at Kingged.

The comments shouldn’t be One Liners. It needs to have your views on the topic or subject.

Spamming is prohibited.

Share some posts or contents as well might it be of your blog even of any other blog.

Make sure you KING (LIKE) or UNKING (UNLIKE) the post on which you comment.

I also Made 20$ in just a week commenting on Kingged but because of my demanding Routine I couldn’t stick with it further. Though am coming back to it soon. Take me as one of your competitor!

Besides this giveaway the advantages of using this site are endless so why waiting go straight to and signup

Don’t be selfish Share this information with your buddies and leave your helpful comments below.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to write this review about Kingged. I checked and couldn’t find it shared on Kingged. I would have shared it for you but it’s best to give you the right to do this yourself. Sharing it yourself ensures that you will receive email notifications when it gets comments, so you can return to respond. If you having problems with sharing this, feel free to contact me. And yes, you are free to share it yourself on Kingged.

    About this review, I think you covered a lot of aspects of the commenting giveaway, but you didn’t get the total payout amount, right, 😉 We haven’t given out $500 so far. In fact, we have given out much more. Talking specifics, we have actually paid out THOUSANDS of dollars since we started the commenting giveaway. Each month sees almost $1,000 given away, so do the math, 🙂

    Thanks in particular, for also mentioning our rules for the commenting giveaway, especially that of – no one liners allowed, no spamming allowed, etc. Our moderators work very hard to identifying and deleting/disavowing comments that don’t adhere to the rules. Talking specifics again, they delete hundreds of spammy comments every single day! So, yes, anyone who wants to win in the commenting giveaway should think of adding value. Those who come just to win only end up wasting their time (and our time) as they most likely would get their comments deleted or disavowed.

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to write this review. Let me know when you share it on Kingged and I will “king” it and leave same or similar comment, 🙂

  2. Hi Tony,
    The review on is a true reflection of what the site stands for. Its really not only about having members win money by commenting but the website is much more about building a community where members share relevant content, engage one another, and expose their brands.

    Since its inception, its been awesome, and that amount of commendations reveals these. Your review is in order and I would like to add that apart from the few rules listed above,
    – members are advised to plagiarism the contents and comments of others
    – Commentators are advised to leave comments on source websites indicating they found the articles shared in “”.

    If the rules are complied with – which of courses are easy to comply with – then the members are going to find a platform where they can share contents and have their products or services promoted with peace of mind!

    I have shared this comment in where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

  3. Hello Tony,
    So nice of you to review about commenting give away.Earning money is not really easy but as you see here doing some good comments can make you rich.

    No one here can win by spammy commenting tricks which have no value in eyes of moderators.So, anyone who comes here with an Idea of winning should follow every single rule.

    Rules are for sure strict,they should be strict to maintain such a big online community alive and happy( Everyone should be happy here).
    A Kingged Contributor – Inzamam

  4. Hi,

    I have read many reviews of Kingged and this one was centered around the comment giveaway. Sure, earning is one thing, but the benefits doesn’t stop here.

    The traffic, comment encouragement and the SERP are some of the best things, kingged provide to all the active kinggers.

    I love kingged very much, for all the things it had provided me and my blog. Yes, I found this post on kingged and I kingged it.

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