Leisure Money 2013

Think of this scenario: You fall asleep at your usual time we’ll say around midnight. You get your solid rest of at least 8 hours and wake up to a beautiful sun filled day. The first action you take for the day is to log onto your computer and check your bank accounts. You look to find yourself with a deposit of $500 over night. This is what we like to call Earning Residual Income which you can make even during your sleep! Let me show you how this can be done…

Leisure Money 2013

There is no better feeling than making money effortlessly even while you sleep. This can be done especially with opportunities opening up all over the Internet every single day. After you find out how to earn online you will be able to make some extra money while doing almost nothing. Below I will outline how you can get started with a few different companies.

1. Ad Revenue Sharing Programs These programs offer what are known as “Ad Packages”. Once you buy an ad package you are essentially investing in that specific company. Ad Packages are priced at different values ranging from as low as $5 up to $1,000. Once you purchase the ad package, the company usually repays you an amount greater than what you initially paid. For example you may pay $20 and get paid in return $25, so you just made 25% on your money.

You do have to be careful with a select few of these companies because they could be a fraudulent company. Do some research, read some testimonials and you should be able to distinguish between the good and the bad. Below are two of the best Ad sharing programs I’ve used and I have even withdrew money out several times with them. They are well established companies, have a solid business structure and have 24-7 customer service which adds to their credibility. Give them a look to see what you think.

Ad Hit Profits

2. Referral Systems – Don’t get me wrong, the potential to have residual income from this source is astronomical. You could literally be making hundreds every single day while doing almost nothing. However, you have to work to get to that point. It could take a few weeks or a few months but believe me when I say it is worth the effort to establish this.

Finding referrals through friends and family is the best way to start off and you will begin to see the residual income almost immediately. Often times they are simply willing to help you out, or they trust you for specific investments.

The variety of referral products that are available to you give you a great potential to make some leisure money, in your leisure time. You can sell anything from clothing, computer software, eBooks, websites, affiliate products, Amazon products, eBay products and the list goes on. Find the market you’re trying to target and stick with products that will suite the needs of those in the specific market. If you want to learn to master this niche of online income then read Best Investments For Affiliates which can guide you how to get started.


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