Linkbucks Review 2013

Linkbucks Review 2013 Intro is a free link shortening service that pays it’s users to share their shorten links. They have paid out over 1.2 million dollars since they have opened there doors about five years ago. Tons of people are using there shorten links to lead people to there website or blog while getting paid for each click. Sounds to good to be true for getting paid for people coming to your site. Advertise there link that redirects back to your site and get paid now! Sign Up Free Here

After signing up with linkbucks for free you are allowed to start making links instantly and start getting paid for each time someone clicks them. You don’t get paid a lot for your clicks but if you get a lot of clicks the money starts to add up quickly. Sites like these can bring you tons of money if you get a consistent amount of clicks and some referrals to sign up under. Getting referrals to sign up under you on a free site isn’t really that hard and can be easily done by anyone.

Linkbucks Conclusion

All in all isn’t a scam. It’s a very trusted and has a great reputation on paying out to there clients on time everytime! Don’t miss such a easy chance for anyone to make some extra money on shorten link. Shorten link are used all over the internet now a day and people are getting paid for each time they are clicked. Jump into the 1.2 million dollars that linkbucks and paid out!

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