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I’m sure like the millions of people that do it every day, that you’ve thrown away something of value that you would’ve turned into cash. Metal Scrap has been a past time that’s been around for hundreds of years and even now you can cash in on some old metals. Metal scrapping involves finding, breaking down, separating and hauling metals to the scrap yard to get paid.

Anyone can Make Easy Money doing this, and if you’re that determined you could easily turn it into a full time job. I will break down the most efficient ways to perform each task. I have been doing this for years, breaking down everything from 100 foot machines to old TVs. There is money to be made in metal scrapping but you must minimize costs and maximize revenue.

Finding Metal Scrap –  First you should open your mind to the endless possibilities of where it can be found and what type of items contain metal. A good place to start looking for a nice amount of scrap metal is to contact local businesses to inquire what they do with their metal. You can ask them if you could set up a daily, weekly or monthly pick up for them. Make the idea sound like it is benefiting the company because you have to pick up all of the scrap metal and return it, making their lives easier. Another great place to find scrap metal and old products is to ask your family and friends to start to Make Easy Money.

Breaking Down is the physical labor part as you can break down each machine into the metal it contains. The reason you have to break most of these items down is because scrap yards have no interest in plastic they just want the metal. Break the machine down to the point metal is the only thing left.

Separating the metals is one of my funnest parts involving the whole process. This is where you can start to see how much an item may be worth when you take it back to the scrap yard to Make Quick Money.  The three most valuable metals that can often be found in household items are: Brass, Copper and Aluminum. The prices of each metal fluctuates on a daily basis but they are relatively stable. These three metals are the ones that you’re really looking for and you will get paid the most per pound.

Hauling & Cashing In! : Now for the best part! This is where you cash in all of the metal you’ve scrapped and collected. I would recommend contacting different scrap yards and find the best payouts for each type of metal you have. If you have 100 lbs of metal, a few cents in pay outs could make a drastic difference in how much you’re paid for your efforts. Here’s another bonus, you can claim tax write offs on all of the effort, time and money required to properly manage your business involving Metal Scrap. Speaking of which, you may want to use a withholding tax calculator for your overall income to determine where you stand with the tax man. Always remember the more work you put in the more you will take out. If you focus 8 hours every day and follow these steps, there is no reason you won’t get paid just as good as a full time job working for yourself.

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