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Advertising networks are all over the Internet and can be utilized by anyone with a website that’s drawing traffic. Right now Google Adwords definitely has the top spot claimed for being the king of ad publishers. However, not everyone wants to be a part of Google for numerous reasons so I am going to introduce some adwords alternatives for 2013, the main one being Yahoo & Bings network. Personally I am fed up with Google because one day they randomly blocked my account and would not let me publish anymore ads with them.

The reason they gave me? None! They didn’t even answer my e-mails, not a single one. I was basically left in the dark without a response which is not a good feeling. I had good, organic traffic and a well established website that has been around for 5 years now. So, instead of being frustrated and taking it out on them I decided to look for some Adwords Alternatives that I know would pay me and not block my account out of nowhere. This landed me into the next Internet giant, Yahoo & Bing. Yahoo and Bing partnered up to offer an Ad Publishing Network referred to as Review 2013 is Yahoo & Bing’s teamed up advertisement network.You can become an advertiser or publisher. What are some advantages of working with Media.Net? Firstly the payouts are comparable to that of Google’s. Google has by far the highest Pay Per Click with Adsense Earnings  for any ad out there running and most other ad publishing networks do not pay nearly as much. However, since Yahoo and Bing teamed together they can actually compete with Google’s pay outs.

Secondly, they are the second and third largest search engines. This gives Yahoo and Bing credibility when issuing payouts  and continuing to grow in numbers. This is the type of publishing network that you want to use because you want to be guaranteed your payments when you request them. is by far the best Adwords Alternative.

Thirdly they offer a wide range of ads that you can use. They do not have pictures, only text ads but they have stated they plan to initiate picture ads coming in 2014.

Lastly they offer excellent customer service and actually work with you to maximize your earnings. They respond promptly and you can contact them at any time.

Below are a few other Adwords Alternatives for 2013 that you can give a try:

1. Chitika

2. Infolinks

3. Gourmet Ads

4. Clicksor

5. Infinity Ads

Thanks for looking and good luck publishing your articles! Keep in mind there are many factors that can help you make money with becoming a publisher. SEO Content Writers 2013 offers some information on how to maximize your earnings with publishing ads.

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