New Age Internet 2013 & Future

New Age Internet & Future Of The Web As We Know It are ever changing into a transitioning stage that will prepare out futures with online activity.

If you’re not surrounded by Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Marketing and Internet then you must not be living in our solar system. 2013 is a year of a new aged Internet that brings people closer to technology, face to face. The future of the Web is always shifting as we move into new era of technology. Currently the mobile platform, tablets and social networks have taken over the last few years at an extraordinary rate. So this leads us to the questions, what’s next?

As mobile and social networks continue to expand, where does that leave the desktop and the Internet? Desktop and laptop usage have declined while mobile Internet usage have taken over. The desktop used to be a universal, all in one machine that can give you access to the Internet for research, information, downloads, music, videos, etc. However, with technology moguls like Apple, Google and Samsung, everything that a desktop used to offer is now available to your right from your phone. The time period that we live in today offers people accessibility to make everything in life as easy as possible for us.

¬†Furthermore, connection with the world and with people has become ever so important. Social networks connect people with their daily life activities, locations, feelings, emotions and so on. This creates a vast “technological world” that is available to you only through social networking and the New Age Internet. Mobile phones, tablets, apps, etc. give you access to these networks all right from your phone which you usually have every minute of every day. This brings up the next point of the future of the web…where does that leave our privacy that every person should have?

Privacy in 2013

A big upcoming topic that will only get bigger is privacy in 2013. With mobile networks, new age Internet and social interactions via the Internet expand and become even more personal, is it possible to have a private life? I don’t think so. As data becomes personalized from mobile phones, you leave a technological footprint with anything that you do. For example, if you search for a restaurant near your location, that information is saved and can be accessed at a further date. Hopefully in the future technology will advance to the point that it can still protect precious information while allowing access into our personal lives. We need better ways to protect that information because right now anything that you do online is subject to being hacked revealing your private information. Privacy in 2013 will continue to be a popular topic amongst the world leaders to avoid potential hacking into governments.

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