New Domain Extensions 2013 & Beyond

What is a domain extension? When you see websites with an ending, for example .com or .edu or .org, it usually indicates what kind of website you’re getting into. In past years the most common that you are probably used to seeing are the ones previously mentioned. However, starting this year and in the future get used to a change. The Internet has opened it’s doors to new domain extensions and this will fully be implemented soon. Catchy websites can stimulate your mind to be more interested in reading the content. The end of a domain and website name now have the opportunity to be even more inviting to readers because you can use your creativity for domain extensions.

What Do They Mean?

.com is the biggest and by far most popular domain extension. What does this stand for? .com stands for commercial and is mostly indicated for websites with a “commercial” purpose. A lot sites out there you can presumably know what the information is contained within the website just by reading the end of the website’s URL.

New domain extensions for 2013 and the future will indicate exactly what the website is about and direct the consumer better to the information they need. Let’s take a look at an example. If you were trying to buy some new clothing online and you searched Google. Would you be more likely to check out a website with the extension of .edu, or maybe on that has an extension of .clothes.The answer is simple, and shortly in our future the new wave of domain extensions will give the consumer a much better glimpse into the site content before actually going there. Catch websites already capitalize on this concept because it draws the reader’s attention fast. Be on the lookout for companies using this technique into domain extensions with catchy titles and endings.

Below I have compiled a list of a few that are already out there so you can familiarize yourself with some of the extensions.

.biz = small business owners

.tv = media rich content

.tw = originating in Taiwan

.us = United States

.cn = China

Here are just a few examples but look for newer, more innovative domain extensions to come around on the Internet. If you’re a website owner, or even an investor, there are many opportunities to cash in on this new type of business and market. If you want to find out how to use this and take advantage of the future to make money, take a look at Make Money Online 2013 & 2014

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