Online & Internet Market 2013

The Internet And Online market currently is one of the most highly valued markets that exist in our world today. Currently, about 20% of the world’s ~8 billion population have Internet access, so about 1.5 billion people. In the next 5 years, it is expected that OVER 75% of the world’s population will gain Internet access, opening the Internet & Online market to over 6 billion people! These numbers are astounding and I will fill you in on this one secret: You have the capabilities to CASH IN on some amazing opportunities within this massive, and growing market.

Online & Internet Market 2013

So how can this affect website traffic, potential profits and visitors to websites? Lets take an example of using a specific keyword. Follow the pictures below to see how much of an impact more users around the world will have on the Online & Internet Market 2013 & Beyond.

The keyword “Health Tips” gets an average monthly search of 6,600 which you can see below using the Google Keyword Planner.

Online Market


Now, if Internet users by 2020 meet expectations, that would be a triple amount of users from 2013 to 2020. If you translate this into terms of average monthly searches for the previously used keyword “Health Tips”, you can multiply by 3 and the expected results should be around 20,000 searches per month.

Now, the price of the keyword. As more people enter the Internet Market, the value will be expected to rise also. Keyword targeting and other forms of targeted advertising online will increase in cost. If you get in early enough you will be able to be prepared when prices jump insane amounts coming in the near future. Get in cheap now and watch your money, assets and websites grow! With our example above, the cost of 1 click for that keyword right now is already $2.07! Imagine in 5 years how much that could increase, and you could get paid every single time someone clicks your advertisement using that specific keyword.

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