Paid e-Mail Lists 2013 | Is It Worth It?

Are you thinking what the steps to build an effective and paying out e-Mail list? There are many advantages of using this marketing tactic and it should be used by anyone who is trying to make money online. A variety of methods can be used to gather more e-Mails and all should be utilized. The question often arises is it worth the effort and time to build your own emails or should you cough up some money and buy some email lists.

Advantages Of e-Mail Marketing

1. Often Highest Conversion Rates – I have seen my conversion rates fluctuate depending on the source of traffic. Social media I usually expect about a 1% conversion to sale, high search engine ranking traffic is around 2% and e-mailing my List Of Subscribers I often hit around 3%.

2. Interest & Targeted Markets – e-Mail’s usually have the highest conversion rate because the reader shows more interest in your targeted specific niche. If they’re willing to the take time to give you their e-mail, at some point down the road they are more likely to act on your defined action that you want as a goal.

3. Good For A Lifetime – If you’re not constantly spamming your subscribers with useless information then you will likely have them as a subscriber for life. This is the best part of e-mail campaigns because your lists continue to grow cumulatively.

Paid e-Mail Lists 2013 – Should You Pay?

Here is the million dollar questions, how much are e-mail lists actually worth as a dollar amount? Well, a lot depends on exactly what item or action you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re an ad publisher using a blog for a source of income, then paying $100 for  paid e-Mail list just isn’t going to cut the costs.

I have seen the best results when buying e-Mail lists that are targeted towards capturing e-Mails or selling an actual product. This way you have a bigger payout per conversion versus getting paid just a couple dollars for receiving a click on a published ad. Direct targeted traffic to your list of subscribers is the most effective way to buy any email lists so always keep in mind your targeted audience as to what list you decide to purchase.

If you’ve taken my advice by buying email marketing to either 1: capture more e-Mails or 2: sell an actual product then the payouts can be tremendous. Try a few different companies and list to see which ones pay out the best. You can track your conversions through any e-Mail service that you use. The future of marketing is targeting people with specific interest based on data. Let the e-Mails you build be that data. Personally I would rather build an e-Mail list by myself to save the money.

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear your experience with any e-Mail marketing campaigns that you have had success with.

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