Publishing An eBook Tips

Publishing An eBook in 2013

eBooks are an electronic version of a regular book. Since we have entered this technological era with tablets, mobile devices, laptops and so on, eBooks are becoming more popular by the day. This is your opportunity to get your eBooks discovered and even make some profit for your hard work. If you want to write your own eBook then you can claim all profits and won’t have to dish out any money in the start up. On the other hand, you can even hire an author to write the book for you while you maintain all selling rights and ownership of the eBook. Either way the potential to make some extra money with minimal effort is by publishing an eBook is always growing so the sooner you start the more you can make.

4 Tips For Publishing An eBook

1. Grammar – Proper grammar and puncuation is a necessity when you write an eBook. It helps to attract your audience and read smoothly. If you have errors then your credibility may be damage which can cast doubt into your potential buyers minds’.

2. Publishing Platforms – There are many different websites that allow you to place your eBook on them for selling purposes. The best and most popular one to use in my opinion is Kindle Publishing Service. They transform your eBook into a Kindle file which users can download, pay and read your books. Search the Internet for others as there are hundreds out there.

3. Cover – The cover of the eBook says it all because it is the first point of interaction with your readers and potential customers. Use a cover that captures your audience by placing a picture or something interesting on there. Make sure the title suggest what the reader will expect to read as you do not want to deter your readers from the subject of your eBook.

4. Content & Tables Of Content – Having useful and relevant information is the best tool in your arsenal to capture readers’ attentions. If you’re writing about something that nobody has interest in then you will have an extremely small potential market, if any at all. On the other hand, choosing a subject that is highly popular will give you the chance to reach more of a target audience. A table of contents allows your readers to quickly glance the contents of your eBook and makes for better navigation throughout the reading experience.

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