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Best Referral SitesSo it began about 5 years back, when I was hurting for money to even pay bills. I needed a way to earn some quick cash that can help me out in a tough financial situation. I applied to jobs all over my city, searched online and came up with nothing. Until luckily, one of my best friends put me onto a system of his that made him very financially well off! He filled me in on the secret world of referrals that are in existence all over the Internet without you probably even realizing it. Allow me to explain…

Referral Programs & Websites

There are different types and niches of referral websites that you can take advantage of. I will briefly categorize them to make it easier for your to organize and grasp the true potential to make money online and chance your current financial situation.

The first way to get paid via Referral Programs is through Online Survey Sites. You can take the surveys alone and make some extra money, but the best way to earn is to refer friends and family. You will gain a commission from anything they earn. Commissions can range anywhere from 5% to 90%, but they will continue to add up and make you money for doing almost nothing. Some of the best sites to take advantage of these are:  $1.00 Sign Up Bonus

Cashcrate has a unique referral system I do pretty well from. They have a 2 level systems where you can earn percentage from your referrals and the people your referral refer. Also the more people you refer, the higher percentage you will earn from both levels of referrals. Read my full Cashcrate Review  $2.00 Sign Up Bonus

Vindale Research is a survey referral website that I use only for one purpose only. It’s 100% free to join and has one of the best referrals systems I think for a survey site. Each time you free someone to sign up and they fill out their profile you make a FREE $5.00. Read my full Vindale Research Review – $5.00 Sign Up Bonus

InboxDollars has a similar system to Cashcrate but only one level of referrals. You can refer people and make a percentage of what they make. It’s a easy way to make a little extra money without much work. Read my full InboxDollars Review – $3.00 Sign Up Bonus

This site can be addicting as well as profitable. You can play games and get paid as well as refer people to make you money. I would suggest this and check out how the payout work on review I wrote explaining…  “Treasure Troopers Review $5.00 Sign Up Bonus

This site exact same as InboxDollars and owned by the same people I believe. The sites are 100% exact same just different color website. I have been paid by both of them and know they are legit! Read my full “SendEarnings Review

Referral Websites & Programs Tips

When it comes to getting referrals to sign up for free to make money it’s not very hard to do. You can make some good money If you know how to get referrals to sign up to make you money.

I would firstly and high recommend getting a blog if you don’t have one. Having a blog like this one your own is very cheap and easy to do. When I say easy I mean anyone can do it with no experience with website coding or nothing. Thanks to for their 1-Click Auto WordPress Install which is a blogging platform setup like Microsoft Word. It’s a great way to obtain easy referrals having a blog people you can reach millions of people online. Get your free DOMAIN down below!

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