Some Brilliant Ideas To Make Money For College Students

How To Make Money In College Online

When being a college student money is usually tight for most people and are living off noodles and Mac-n-cheese. Trust me we all been there before. Making money as a college student is ideal and I know a lot of friends who been down this road before. I want to share some of the ideas they have used and been successful making some extra money on the side being a college student. If your a college student who needs extra money or know someone who does here are some great ways to make money online for students.

Selling On Amazon & eBay

Being in college selling products online through sites such as Amazon and eBay is a great way to start earning some extra money. Living on a college campus I’m sure there’s tons of students selling old phones, laptops or whatever for cheap to get fast money. I’ve seen people selling stuff like this on local college campuses and on Craigslist for CHEAP. Search around on Craigslist for cheap items students or other people living within the community to resell. Search craigslist 2-3 times a day for items that are cheap and then resell them on Amazon and eBay with a marked up price does work. Check out my article on “How To Make Money On Craigslist Reselling Freebies“. Believe it or not you will be shocked on things you can find in the FREE section on craigslist.

Creating A Gig On Fiverr

I see thousands of college students making money using by offering odd and weird services. It’s the world’s largest market places for ANY services starting at just $5. It’s a really great site if you have some kind of talent such as making YouTube videos, writing articles, singing, drawing, and much more. I suggest you explore around on the site and see what other are offering and maybe something will pop in your head that your good at and can offer it to people. There is tons of potential at to make a few extra hundred bucks a week here.

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Freelancing For College Students

There are ton’s of freelancing jobs all over the world that are needed and can simply be done online anywhere. Using sites to like and I’m sure you can find some type of work. These sites are updated daily by other people who need data entry, article writing, Photoshop work, and several other types of jobs. Look around and see if you can find a freelance job and make some extra money with some skills that you might have. Depending on your knowledge some companies will pay top dollar for writing articles for them. Find topics possibly that are related to your degree your going for. Check out “How To Make Money Writing Articles

Online Surveys For College Students

Getting paid for giving your opinion online is one of the easiest ways for college students to make money in their free time. There’s thousands of businesses and companies all around the world who will pay for taking surveys for them to collect research information. Believe it or not doing surveys online is a huge trend and millions of people are making money online every day from doing this. I have a great article you should check out with the exact steps I take to make almost $350 a month called “Free Ways To Make Money With Online Surveys


I see ton’s of college kids blogging for money on twitter every day just with the 20,000 followers I have between all my account. Blogging about something you love and have a passion for is a great way to make some extra money. I would highly recommend blogging about something you have great knowledge about so you can share it with people who visit your blog. Check out which offer great web hosting and free site builder! If your interested in blogging I would recommend check out my latest article “How Do Bloggers Make Money

These are my recommended ways on how to make money as college student. Of course there is hundreds of different ways you can make money online from college but these are some of the easier and faster ways I found that work best. Feel free to roam around the site which is loaded with tons of other ways you can make money online as well. It really depends on the person and what you are interested that will work successfully. Find something that would interest you and keep you motivated to make more and more money.


  1. I think the best money making way for college students is freelancing. They can designing, online marketing, content writing, translating. These ways are good for earning money when they are in college.

  2. Another great way to earn online could be setting up your own business – internet marketing. Even though it sounds intimidating at first, it really isn’t hard once you learn the ropes. Speaking for myself, I used to run miles when I read stuff about IM and affiliate marketing, but I realized that’s where the real money is. The real passive income. And now, I have started to enjoy it.

    • I agree starting a small home based business is as hard as most people think. Yes you have to put some time and effort into just like any other business but you can be successful at anything you put your mind to!

  3. In as much as students could make some extra cool cash through blogging, what ought to be understood is the fact that it takes time. Patience is what is needed the most as far as blogging is concern.

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