Types Of Website Hosting

For any website to run effectively you need a website hosting service. These services allow individuals, businesses, organizations or anybody like yourself to start a website. There are a number of different Types Of Web Hosting Services. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices and find out which suites your goals the best.

Types Of Website Hosting

Free Hosting: This type of hosting is great for people just starting out with websites. They do not cost anything to run however you could run into a few problems. Firstly, the website speed is often slow with loading images, text, articles and your whole website in general. Advertisement banners are usually automatically added to your website as well, giving you less control of what you can do.

Shared Hosting: Using a Shared Hosting environment, you and other website owners all share a single server. Cost wise, this is a great option to choose because it is shared among all users.

Dedicated Hosting: In this Hosting Environment, you have the entire web server to use all for yourself. This will allow for faster and more efficient connection speeds, website loading speeds, etc. However, this option can be more expensive due to the fact that you have to pay for the entire operation of the server solely by yourself. This option would be best for websites with vast amounts of information or need to be under high security.

Collocated Hosting: Collocation is a website hosting option for businesses who want to have complete control over everything from running their own web servers & machines but the website owner places its own server on the premises of another host. The host stores, maintains and provides the server with power supply, security and protection while you still have control of your own equipment.

This gives you a quick over view of what Website Hosting entails. You can figure out which you need by visiting sites like HostGator.com.

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