What Can I Sell Online To Make Good Money

What Can I Sell Online To Make Good Money?

Making money online is growing by the day and more people are finding ways to make that possible. Selling things online has been around for a long time and isn’t going no where. With sites like eBay and Amazon people are making hundreds or even thousands every day to live comfortably. The internet just keeps growing and growing and more opportunities are popping up all over and everyone should be taking advantage of this while they can.

I have a passion to make money online and work my own hours and be my own boss. Sounds nice right? Well what if I shared some secrets on how you could be doing the same. If I told you that you don’t need no products, no websites, no knowledge or even no experience at all and you could be doing this as well. Most people just don’t know where start when it comes to selling online and that’s what I’m here for.

How Can Someone Like Me Start Doing This?

Well that question might be tough for you but for me I know exactly where and how you can start. I’m sure you have heard of wholesalers but have you heard of wholesalers who offer drop shipping? I’m guess you don’t even know what drop shipping is so let me explain.

What Can I Sell Online To Make Good MoneyDrop shipping is a supply chain where you buy the product from the wholesaler and they ship it directly to your customer. So instead of buying in bulk and holding a inventory you partner with a wholesaler. You list your wholesaler products for sale and once you make a sale you contact them with the details of your customer. You are only charges for the item shipped that your customer has bought.

Let’s say your wholesaler has electronic goods, such as computers. You see the wholesales price for the computer is $300 dollars and you want to sell that computer on eBay for $350. You simply list the computer for $350 dollars and when it sells you pay $300 dollars to your wholesaler who then send the computer directly to your customer. Meanwhile you just made $50 dollars for selling it. Sounds pretty simple right?

Now just think having a eBay store with 100+ items all from your wholesaler and you sell 3-5 items a days? Now your talking about making $200-$300 a day without ever touching the product or doing much work at all. A lot of the power sellers on eBay are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Drop shipping is done every day for business and companies all around the world. Products you bought from online could of been possibly dropped shipped right to you with even knowing. Which is the best part, your customer won’t even know it was shipped directly from the wholesaler. They make it look like it came directly from you.

Salehoo Wholesale Directory

Salehoo.com offers a directory of over 8,000+ security-screened wholesalers and drop shippers that real business use every day to sell goods. With over 1.5 millions products and 150 categories to choose you will find whatever it is you want to sell. All wholesalers with Salehoo.com are verified legitimate, so you will never have to worry about being thrown under the bus.

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