Where To Blog For Money

Where To Blog For Money?

Simply learn how to blog for money without spending a dime, what do you have to lose? Blog about something you enjoy in life and try to make it more fun. There are hundred of places that you can blog for money for free. Some good examples of places I would recommend using to blog would be, Blogger.com, Squidoo.com, and Hubpages.com. These are all great blogging platforms that are completely free to use and you can instantly create a blog to start making money.

Using Squidoo To Blog For Money

How Can I Blog For MoneyUsing Squidoo.com is a great place for starting a new blogging career. They have an easy built in user interface that’s very user friendly and easy for anyone to use to blog for money. Squidoo is such a great site to use because they payout a few different ways.

They have amazon modules that you can fit right into your blog and get paid commission on items you sell. For example make a “blog” on “Best selling electronics” and put hot selling amazon products on your page. You can add amazon products within 1 minute with Squidoo making it easy for everyone.

There are 3 tiers and each lens gets paid each money from blog post. I have a lens that’s ranked under 2,000 out of all Squidoo pages and gets about $70.00 just for having a good rank and webpage. Build great webpages that will be useful to your visitors and you can be making just as much money and even more. I have around 30 webpages and each and every one of them are making money for me. I put in a lot of time and effort but it’s well worth the payout.

 How Do I Blog For Money? Use Blogger.com!

This a free complete blogging platform to make money from blogging. The Blogger.com platform was made and designed by Google which was made to be very easy to use even without blogging experience. It’s easy and free for anyone to start a blog right now with the next 10 minutes!

This is a great way to start and learn the blogging basics. It has several options for you to designs a blog that fits your needs in any way. Blogger is the most popular free blogging platform and used by millions for a reason. I would highly recommend Blogger.com to begin blogging cause I find it to be one of the easiest way to make money blogging.

Using Clickbank.com and blogger work very well. Find affiliate products you would like to promote and create a blog and write about the product. You can make $20-$40+ on each sale you make with Clickbank. Having multiple blogs promoting multiple products is what I like to do.

Clickbank.com affiliate program is free to sign up!

Blog For Money With Hubpages

Hubpages is very similar to Squidoo but little less traffic and commission earnings from my experience with the two. I still use Hubpages though just for experimenting and make handful of money each month.

I like to use Hubpages to create related articles on my blog and linking to it. It’s a free source of traffic to both sites and increase your chances to make more money. I would give them a look and use them on occasion and see what you get in results. It’s varies on the topic and person writing skills how much attention you can draw.

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