Working Online In 2014

As we turn to the end of the amazing year of 2013, we need to start looking ahead. In the “blogosphere” and world of making money online, it is always important to stay one step ahead. What can we look forward to in the coming year of 2014? Let me show you how you can stay ahead of your competitors and what kind of changes you can expect in the Future of Marketing & Working Online.

Working Online In 2014

1. The first transition into the new year will be targeted towards far more mobile users. The mobile advertising and marketing industries are getting ready to explode. This trend is currently taking way as companies are targeting mobile users more frequently and investing more in the mobile industries. Recently, Facebook has bought a company that compresses mobile data which leads me to believe even the top companies are starting this trend as soon as possible. See how you can stay on top of Mobile Marketing & Social Media Trends.

2. The second trend that we will begin to see is a bigger emphasis on Social Media. If you’re familiar with keyword ranking, and Google rank for SEO, then you know that back links are absolutely necessary for success on Search Engine Optimization. However, Google recently released a new way to rank pages with Social Media having a bigger emphasis than ever.

For example, someone who has a Google + page associated with a lot of interactions with users will provide high authority for Google search results. Try to stay connected as much as possible if you’re Working Online in 2014 and stay associated with the top Social Media sites. You can even get paid for being a Social Media User and you can Find Out More Here how you can get Paid From Social Media.

3. You can only guarantee success from within yourself. No matter what year, day or time it is, you have to be willing to put in some time and effort to reach your goals.

Good luck & Thanks For Visiting Ways To Make Money Working Online!

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