25 Top Paying Survey Sites That Pay For Doing Online Surveys

Find the top get paid survey sites that are looking for your opinion. Companies are looking for real opinions to help and better their company, service or product. Doing online surveys is a great way to make money online for everyone. There’s hundreds of companies out there looking to pay you for your opinion but which companies pay the best? I been doing online surveys for a few years now and collected a handful of great survey sites that pay well.

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Most of the survey sites now a days offer more ways to get paid than just doing surveys. Some get paid to sites include get paid to search the web, get paid to watch videos, get paid to view websites, get paid to play games and other things as well. Each one of these sites listed below are completely free to sign up and make money. I highly recommend the first seven sites which I have a lot of experience with and pay the most.

Also I recommend when signing up for survey sites dedicate a email address to them. I would make one new email address and use it strictly for surveys. I say this because they send special survey offers, paid email offer and a lot of them. You don’t want to overflow your current email address and make it crazy for you.

Websites That Pay You! Top 7 are the best and highest paying. The rest are all decent.

  1. CashCrate.com
  2. InboxDollars.com
  3. Vindale.com
  4. Get-Paid.com
  5. TreasureTrooper.com
  6. Clixsense.com
  7. SendEarnings.com
  8. Tellwat.com
  9. Surveysavvy.com
  10. Joinhiving.com
  11. Points2sop.com
  12. Legerweb.com
  13. Yougov.com
  14. Squishycash.com
  15. Superpayme.com
  16. Mysurvey.com
  17. Mintvine.com
  18. Swagbucks.com
  19. us.toluna.com
  20. Globaltestmarket.com
  21. Onepoll.com
  22. Newvistalive.com
  23. Valuedopinions.co.uk
  24. Panelopinion.co.uk
  25. Opinionoutpost.co.uk

Survey Sites Tips To Earn More!

I recommend the first seven survey sites because those are they ones I find that pay me the most. There’s tons way to increase your earning from each survey site by getting referrals to sign up under you. The top 7 survey sites I have listed have the best referral system I think as well. What that means when you sign up you get a special link that you can have people sign up under you and make you more money.

Doing surveys online and collecting referrals through at least 7 sites you can make a few extra hundred dollars each month. Check out my article on “How To Build Referrals Successfully And Fast to help you build you survey income.

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