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Most people are questioning is Cashcrate a scam or is it legit? No, It’s not a scam. I wouldn’t be here writing about how successful it’s been for me or I wouldn’t here writing this article if it was a scam. I have personally made hundreds of dollars with them and currently still earning money from them every day. I will tell you up front that it is difficult to achieve a a full time income with them however you can get paid  a significant amount of money. I have been receiving pay checks from them consistently for over 2 years now. is one of the hundred survey sites where you can get paid to do surveys from home on your computer. That’s not even the best perk about, you can also have friends, family, or even anyone sign up under your account. Each person that signs up from your link you can make a percentage from what ever they make. You get a few of those you can start making a lot more money online with cash crate. has paid out all their members every time on time for as long as they have been around. It’s 100% completely free to sign up for anyone and start making money right away.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

What does offer?

Paid offers – Get paid to complete offers and fill out some basic information.

Paid Emails – Get paid to read email sent you. I recommended make a special email account when sign up for cash crate cause you will get tons of paid to read email offers.

Surveys – Fill out surveys and answer question for cash.

Referrals – Get people to sign up under you and make a percentage of that they make. More referrals you have the more money you will make.

Cash Task– Complete simple task that are available and earn cash for completing them!

Bonus Offers – Bonus and special offers Cashcrate offers to members on occasion.

Read more about what they have to offer at


Below Is What Your Dashboard Will Look Like

CashCrate Review


Cashcrate Review 2014 Conclusion

Yes, Cashcrate is legit and is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to make some extra money in there free time. It’s free and simple to use for anyone. Tons of people are using cashcrate and even a few are making a living from

Cashcrate Tips 2014

If you’re serious about signing up and becoming a member of I would highly recommend taking a minute to see how you can max your earning results with Cashcrate. An inside secret to CashCrate is getting people to sign up under you as a referral. Once you sign up for free as a member you will get a link like and if people sign up under it you make a percentage on what they make. The more referrals you get the higher percentage they make you make as well.

Let’s say you get someone to sign up under you named John. If John is now a member and he goes out and start getting referrals you will also make a percentage of what his referrals make as well. There are 1st and 2nd level of referrals you can earn from.

Well how can you get referrals? Learn here > How To Master Referral Online Income < It’s teaches step by step how I make $50-$75 dollars a day from this. Plus I share six more great survey sites that all include referral income.

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